Wireless Magnetic Car Charger - XtremeMac
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Wireless Magnetic Car Charger - XtremeMac


32,70 € (Tasse incl.) 32,70 € (Tasse escluse)

Wireless Magnetic 15W Car Charger - Apple MagSafe Compatible - AIR VENT MOUNT


The new Car charger from XtremeMac charges wirelessly your iPhone 12/13/14/15 models with MagSafe technology while always keeping it in your sight when driving.

Simply place the center back part of your iPhone on the charger, and the "MagSafe" magnet will hold it firmly, even on rough roads.

The Car charger allows ultra-fast charging speed of up to 15W, the maximum capacity of new iPhones. 

The bracket is easily attached to the air vents, or to the dashboard and its angles can be adjusted to suit your needs. 

  • MagSafe compatible wireless charging. 
  • Smart LED charging indicators.
  • Fast charging, Maximum 15W.
  • Input: 12V 1.5A| 9V 1.8A | 5V 2.0A
  • Output:15W-10W-7.5W-5W
  • Fixing on the ventilation grilles or Dashboard
  • Adjustable stand for different viewing angles.

iPhone 12/13/14/15 models with MagSafe technology

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